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London – still quite big and crazy

The previous evening, I took a quick look at one of the city maps which were lying around everywhere in the hostel. It provided many tips for cool restaurants, tours and attractions. I picked a few things and decided to get to know London a little bit closer.

My first goal was a free city tour. It was a walk through London. That, I’ve already been familiar with. The meeting was also only 2 of the 3 endless streets away. All set with my camera I went on my way and was hoping to finally learn something about London. Meeting was at 11am. Since I had no clock, I had to trust the time display of my camera. Works too!

Oh it’s 10:50 and I need a little bit longer. Have I been so long on the road? I thought I had gone off just after nine. Well, no matter. Hurry! Thus, point 11, I was at the meeting point and assumed to see anyone from the tour directly. Hm, no one there… What was going on? I sat down on the grass and looked again at the camera clock. It took a while until I realized that the camera was still set to German time. So it was only 10 o’clock. Typical Nena? Yes, it was not the first time that this had happened in England.

I decided to wait. Barely five minutes later, a young man invited me to one of the chairs here in the park. It cost money to sit on it, so I sat down in the grass. The guy looked like money, so it was ok if he paid for me. We talked for a while quite nice. He offered me to guide me through London. I could not say no. A free private tour? Super

We started walking into the direction of „Harrods“ shopping center. Yeay, I wanted to go there anyway!  But slowly the guy began to annoy me. He comes from Kuwait and he told me what value women have in his religion, how important family is and over again and over again that he has enough money to live well. I nodded my head from all this and just hoped to see a little bit of London.

Finally we were there. Harrods already looks incredibly impressive from the outside. We went inside and immediately poured us the smell of thousands of different perfume bottles. This store is huge. Even one section of the lower floor is already as large as an entire department store in a normal small town. It didn’t take long until I was disoriented. But Shah from Kuwait said this was not a problem, since he was here very often and already shopped so much. What an idiot!

We only saw make up, perfume, patisserie and bags when Shah said he was so tired and wouldn’t even have money with him. We should meet again later, then he would be rested and could buy me something beautiful. Yes, of course. Just believe it, Shah…. He dragged me to the nearest park and told me more about his money, his family and women. Obviously, these are the only subjects that interested him. By the time he was writing his name, his phone number, his Facebook account AND his email address, I tortured me a grateful smile and said goodbye to leave him as soon as possible.

This has now lasted all morning and brought nothing. My feet hurt and I have seen nothing yet. And then this stupid ramblings… I just wanted to go back to the hostel real quick and take a look on the map again! My feet were now so painful that I had a feeling they would fall off soon. I had also cleverly put on my sandals. So without any support and cushioning I staggered back towards the hostel.

When I got there, I really wanted to rest for a while and give my feet a break. But I was too curious to see the rest of my chosen places. Chilling in a cool tea house and eat delicious sushi were announced. Both were marked on my map as a great tip.

But we know it already, my ability to estimate distances on maps is limited. In short, I was about to just sit down on the sidewalk and wait for someone carrying me. If they wouldn’t have to run the way by themselves, my feet would have probably sent me off to where the pepper grows.

The tea was expensive but at least tasty. However, it was not worth it. There were an incredible number of screaming kids, I had to sit near the toilet and the Wi-fi did not work really well either. Disappointed, I tried to find the sushi shop to finally get something to eat. It was in the same street and even from a distance I could see that there is nothing for me to eat. Obviously, the recommendations of my card are only for high-income people. It ended for me with aching feet and a cheap pizza. But at least I could look at London again in more detail.

To forget the pain and disappointment of the day, I ordered a beer in my hostel pub for dinner. And then another one. Man, somehow I became pretty tipsy quite fast. Oh yes, I forgot, a beer here is indeed equal by 0.5 liters. Well, at least I could sleep well. 😉

London – big, loud, colorful

Wow, London! Absolutely amazing. This city was one of my main goals on this trip. And I have to say, it was totally worth it! Even drive into the train station was exiting. From here you could already have a first sight of all the places of interest.

I got out of the train reverentially and walked through the train station “Charing Cross”. I knew, I needed a place with Wifi very urgent, because so far I had no hostel and I had no idea how I should find any place in this big city. But this suddenly became a minor matter. I squeezed me and my big backpack through the crowd and took as many pictures I could get of the “London Eye”, “Westminster Abbey”, “Houses of Parliament” and everything what I thought is worth to see. It was so impressive, that I not only lost the orientation but soon I had also no clue what time it was.

London has a lot of city maps all over the streets. But unfortunately that doesn’t help when you don’t know where you want to go. I ran a long time through the city, until I finally found a Starbucks. Without further ado I was renamed into Virini and yet I could sit down. Hardly 10 minutes later I picked a hostel to be my next sleeping berth. But why the hell do I have such a big problem with calculating the distances? “Oh nice, only up the Grosvenor Road, then along the Park Lane and somewhere right in the Edgware Street, and you will already be in the Lisson Street and arrived at your Hostel. Wow, that’s really fast.”

That’s what you think… That every single one of these streets is at least 3 kilometers long, again I didn’t realize. In spite of everything I refused to buy a bus ticket. Where would we go??? That’s not even a question! Just like a true backpacker I walked along these endless streets and with every look at one of the city maps I was astonished how far it still was. Well, at least the weather was great.
After a felt like eternity I finally arrived in Lisson Street. But there was no hostel with the name “Brazen Backpackers”. There was no hostel at all. But is it a coincidence that there is a pub with the name “Brazen Heads”? Probably not. I went in and asked for a bed for 3 nights. In a real pub this would in fact be a strange question. Still amused about the fact, that also my second hostel was above a pub, I spread my stuff all over my bed. At first I need a little rest.

After a refreshing and urgent shower, I made my way to deepen my sightseeing tour a little bit more. Just at the moment I wanted to leave, 3 of my 5 roommates arrived. 3 German girls. They said how nice it was finally to be able to speak German again. Are they really talking in English to each other when they’re alone?? Well, each to their own! They also just arrived that day, but stayed one night longer. They admitted that they are a bit jealous, because they “only” travelled 5 weeks through England. To be honest, that was a great feeling.
This triumph, however, they took me right back by complaining about their oh-so-heavy backpacks. I agreed with them. At least my backpack weighted over 20 kilo! Without this knowledge, the three groaned until one of them said, „Oh yes, these 10 kilos are really quite heavy! How much does yours weight?” With my eyes open to the fullest extent I stared at my backpack. Why the hell is it so heavy? Did somebody put stones in it? And I already took out that much stuff. And the 3 girls have so many clothes with them. How mean!
Slightly brooding I left the hostel and headed towards the city center. So again back down the three endless roads. My goal: Buckingham Palace! Yes, I admit it. I’m a fan of the Queen and the royal family. I wanted to join one of the guided tours of Buckingham Palace. When I saw the long line, I wanted to make sure that it is worth to queue. 19 pounds for the entry and you can see about 14 state rooms where the Queen welcomes, the bigwigs of foreign governments. This really is not worth it. So I went away disappointed. Of course, not without taking several photos shoot!

I am sure the next day will be more successful.

Folkestone – Not worth it

At about 1pm I went to Folkestone. After a recent Skype date with Flo, I felt again strengthened to cope with the 15 km which now lay before me.

The further you get out from Dover, the dirtier it gets. Until then, Dover was a very nice port town. However, here I didn’t want to stay anyway. There was only one problem. No walking path and only one highway. I already knew that from France…

I made it in fact in a reasonable time and this time Google Maps was not lying. After a good 2 hours, I was close to Folkestone, I found a really nice lawn. From here, I had probably the best view I ever was able to enjoy in my life! I was able to put me right on the cliffs of the „White Cliffs“ and I could watch the sea, the rocks and the city Folkestone. It was breathtaking. In the truest sense of the word. Because it was incredibly windy. But that didn’t detract from the beauty of this place. I lay down on the grass sheltered of the wind enjoyed the view and took a little break.

It took at least fifteen minutes to tear myself away from this place, since I had already reached Folkestone . One thing I could ever say. It’s very, very hilly! It lasted probably half an hour to go down the mountain on which I had just paused so cozy and was incredibly glad that I did not have to walk back up here!

The way to my campsite was no less hilly. Drenched in sweat and out of breath I got there. I checked in and got a place I had completely for me. My little private realm. „Best room in the house,“ said the warden smiling. Again, the view was awesome and I was happy that finally everything went so smoothly.

In the evening I went into town to have a bite to eat and prepare myself for the next day. The harbor was easily found. Always follow the seagulls. In Folkestone it was vice versa. The closer you came to the harbor and the town center, the dirtier it was. Garbage was everywhere and you would have thought that gulls rule the harbor. Here I did not want to eat after all. So I ran back out a little further and finally found a small pub that also served food.

On my way through the city I actually found the first Lidl. I decided day to buy my food there the next day. That was the best idea so far. I bought Tortillia wraps and something for the filling. Now I had lunch and dinner for two days.

As nice as the campsite was, the city didn’t has much to offer. So then I went on to London. Only two hours away by train. This is acceptable. Now I was really full of anticipation. I’ve always wanted to visit London and now it was finally the time. Hopefully I won’t be disappointed!

Dover – Unlike France

I arrived at 9 clock local time in Dover. With the first breath of English air, all the trouble of the day seemed almost gone. On the way to my hostel I met a traveler from Germany. Maybe we can find the hostel together. This plan I had quickly discarded. She made my tour bad and thought I had more to plan and everything. She had the great InterRail ticket for 15 days. In her opinion I should have taken it too. She annoyed me. I said just no and tried to find my hostel . Alone …

With success. It’s located directly above a pub. Very interesting combination.  But probably not atypical for England. I didn’t pay much and wasn’t expecting much. So I didn’t get much. A bed, a toilet, a shower. And the most important: free Wi-Fi.

I planned to stay in Dover for two nights. That should be enough to give my battered body a little time out. Only after the soothing shower, I realized how strong I was burned by the sun and how big the wound of my hoe already has become. Regardless, I just want to sleep.

The next day, a change finally was announced. At the drugstore at the market I bought two postcards, then I went for breakfast at a small cafe on the corner. I ordered my first real English breakfast. It will probably be the last … It was so hard for my stomach that I couldn’t eat all day.

So I was more than satisfied, but still wanted to explore the city a bit. The city of Dover is very nice and partially still very well preserved from the Middle Ages. A stroll worthwhile. My roommate Amber told me she wanted to visit Dover Castle today. That seemed to be a good idea. Admission was expensive but for the view alone it was totally worth it.

But before that I wanted to get myself a souvenir. I came across a small tattoo shop and thought, why not? They found the subject a bit strange, but it could nonetheless accomplish quite well. Do not worry, it’s not finished yet. It gets even prettier!

My next stop was Folkestone. Folkestone is also a port city and is located only about 15 miles from Dover. Ready to go I grabbed my backpack and started this journey by foot again.

Calais – Finally!

So there I was the god damned Dunkerque and got no further. In my desperate way towards Calais I met a Dutch couple. They showed me the way, but since they were heading in the other direction , in a matter of fact to the car ferry , the man said this: „Well , I think you have to hitchhike!“ Oh no. I felt helpless and slowly all hope today to get to Calais dwindled. I walked along the highway to Loon Plage where I could finally buy me a drink. I was almost completely dried up. Help could I forget, because here no one spoke English again.

It was probably the only opportunity to hitchhike. So I painted on my devilish card from the tourist office „Direction Calais“ and went to the roundabout which led to the highway. I must have looked very desperate, because a short time later a woman actually stopped and took me in the direction of Oye Plage . She was very nice and showed me where she would drop me off and where I have to go. From here it is only 15 kilometers, she said, and left me at a bus stop. She was pretty sure a bus would go from here to Calais. But I waited and waited and nothing happened.

It was now quite late, which prompted me to cover the 15 kilometers on foot. As I walked I kept showing my battered shield to the cars that drove by. WOW someone stopped. He mumbled, squinting. I did not understand him. Then he just drove away. Oh great, thanks for nothing. I meant to have understood that much that I was running in the wrong direction, as he shook his head wildly. I asked the next best passer in the area and they told me (in French) that I was completely wrong and needed to go back. I would probably never come to Calais.

But when I was finally on the right track I was lucky. Shortly after Oye Plage a young man stopped and I asked him if he went to Calais. And then I’d got lucky again. He spoke English and answered with „Yes“! After I had a quick look at him and his car, I hoisted my backpack and jumped into the car behind. We had a very nice conversation and he drove me straight to the gate. For him it was probably quite a detour, but otherwise I probably could have wandered through the night. I was physically exhausted and done with the nerves but finally everything went better.

I bought a ticket for the ferry and sat down directly on the deck. From here I wanted to see the hated France a last time and say goodbye forever!

Dunkirk – One bad Experience

So after my failed launch in Amsterdam I arrived in the evening on Thursday in Dunkerque in France. Already in the train, you could see that everything was gray and broken compared to Holland. So Belgium didn’t seem to be worth a trip. France unfortunately neither …

Hotel Le Bretange

At the train station in Dunkirk, there are fortunately several hotels. I was looking for the cheapest, since it was now almost dark outside. In addition, they seemed to speak German here. Excellent because I unfortunately do not speak French at all. As it turned out, my receptionist spoke French ONLY. Well, no matter. Will work out somehow.

I got a small room with shower but no toilet. Every now and then something new. They even had Wi-Fi. What a dream!

Hotelzimmer Dunkerque Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

The next day I was able to admire Dunkirk in full daylight. It was no better. Quite the contrary … Just before I checked out I actually met the owner who spoke a little German. He told me how much he liked Germany and that he himself, as a French does not particularly like France. His honesty impressed me.

I made my way to the harbor. I wanted to take the ferry to Dover in England. I was already looking forward to it especially. Google Maps told me there were about 15 kilometers, I would need to walk about 2 ½ hours. Challenge accepted! With my remaining skills in French and assistance of Bente I went on my way.

It went off well. I found every street and walking made more fun. My backpack and I had so now a little time to get to know eachother. In short, I do not like him! He is lazy, selfish, and moreover incredibly slow! What he thinks of me I do not know, but also I do not care. I have it all carry around with me all the time. I have already threatened him and suspend him just let him see how he comes home. Unfortunately, I feel dependent from itand responsible for it in some way. Enraged at his stubbornness and that he was so incredibly hard, I strode through the ugly Dunkerque. My body showed signs of wearing me now. I got a blister had endless thirst and my back hurt like hell.

The tourist office then printed me thankfully a map. Again, I had to communicate with hands and feet. Why is that? Poor education system in France? I do not know, but it sucks.

I went directly along the coast. Beautiful, one would think. Nope! Only plants and refineries! Weird France. In Germany, more resorts would probably originated here. Shortly before the dehydrogenation, a car pulled up beside me. It was the port police. He asked where I was going and soon I was more than happy in his car and he drove me straight to the ferry terminal. Super!

Not great was what the grim Frenchman at the counter told me. This is only a car ferry, and there would be no pedestrians carried along as passengers. I was devastated! All the way for nothing? The only passenger ferry starts from Calais. By car 25 minutes to there. And walk? I could not. I no longer wanted. It was horrible and I was almost in tears! It went no bus, there was not even a footpath. Only a highway leading into the next town and to Calais. Oh great, now what?

Amsterdam – plenty of water and first doubts

Amsterdam Hauptbahnhof

It was a tearful farewell. I was glad when it was finally over. Spoke too soon. In the train I opened the letter of Flo and read the book which I got previously presented by Nani. The Many Love words of my friends and family made me laugh and then ultimately, unfortunately, cry.

But closing the tears. The adventure begins. There is no time to be sad! Only one change in Osnabrück and I was in Amsterdam. Now what? Yeah, well, let’s see.


Amsterdam is not only very popular for many tourists, but also in the domestic Dutch. Accordingly, it was so full on Wednesday afternoon when I arrived. So I pushed myself with my oversized backpack trough the crowds and went into the city center. Unfortunately it brought me no farther, since I really wanted to go camping. I was pretty lost and aimless now. It took a quarter of an hour until I could pull myself together again and go further.

Since I had a rough idea where the campingsite was I was going to find it. On the way I found a travel desk. I was told that the camp was too far away to walk. So I got on the tram in the hope to find the right bus stop.

No problem for me! Straightway I was in the campsite and had my tent set up. But when I went to sleep it was only really going on! My thoughts and feelings drove roller coaster. „I am alone! Why was  THIS my big dream? Are you stupid? A full year, but you do not think of anyway! Just driving back home tomorrow! „No, it should not end like this! I turned to the other side and plugged my music in the ears. Oh no, that was not a good idea. Now I howled like a baby. But what should I do? I let it happen and decided to draw up a new plan tomorrow morning.

Erste Nacht im Zelt

The next day I got up early, walked back into town and went to the canal tour, which I had booked the day before. After that, I just wanted to get away. Spontaneously, I bought a ticket to Dunkerque and Amsterdam was behind me. Now everything will be better! At least I thought so …


Final spurt

Only 5 days to go!

Slowly but surely, the start comes nearer. Many people ask me if I was already excited for. To be honest, no. I feel normal  as ever and I’m pretty relaxed. The most important is prepared and bought, everything else is done on the go.

The first tour with backpack and hiking boots was completed  yesterday and the sleeping bag was tested in Denmark on his skills. I must say that I have really picked good stuff!

Meanwhile I finally bought a camera and a netbook. Nothing can go wrong now. Overall, I spent nearly 1,700 € for the facilities, insurance and vaccinations. Quite a nice chunk. But that probably had to be.

I am always told how brave I am, that I’m on my own way and have no fear. I must confess I don’t fully understand  these fears. Of course I’m not naive. I know that people do not wait for me, and receive me with open arms. But still, the majority of humanity is not evil. I’m not a stupid little girl who believes everything one says. I find my way. And if not? Then I’ll just go home!

An equally important thing for which I am asked again and again is my route. Now it’s finally ready and I am pleased to be able to show you here. I researched the travel agency about the possibility of a round-the-world tickets and sorry to say that this is not out of the question due to the prices and the routing for me.

Here but for now my rough route:

August: Netherlands – Belgium – United Kingdom

September: Ireland – France – Spain

October: Argentina – Chile – Bolivia

November: Brazil – Peru – Ecuador

December: Colombia – Mexico – Hawaii

January: Australia

February: Australia

March: New Zealand – Japan

April: USA (California)

Mai: United States

June: USA (New York)

I am glad that it finally starts. That dream I’m dreaming feels like it’s been an eternity. That it soon goes off, I have not yet realized properly. It is pure madness!

What is money that doesn’t travel trough the world?

Such a world trip is not cheap of course. However, that was clear to me from the beginning. By now I’ve spent a lot during the preparations. And unfortunately, I’m not finished yet.

I have already bought a lot of my equipment, as you have already noticed. I also have almost all the necessary vaccinations behind me and I also already got my passport.

In the following table you can see the most important issues that are up already incurred.

Ausgaben Weltreise

This is of course already quite a nice chunk, but I think it holds everything still limited. Through the many coupons that I got for birthdays and Christmas, I could save € 160 alone at Globetrotter. Then there is the super discount that I got from a dear friend. 😉

I was lucky that I’m still not 24 otherwise the passport would have easily cost € 21.50 more.

Although the last rabies vaccination and meningitis vaccination are still missing, nevertheless I had to pay them already. Thanks to a nice clerk at my health insurance, also the cost of these two doses will be refunded.

Also, my equipment is of course not complete. Among other I need a few „everyday shoes“, sturdy hiking clothes and various little things, such as a first aid kit and a handy toiletries bag. In addition, still lacking a good camera and a handy little netbook. I hope I can make some good bargains.

All in all, now you probably have a pretty good idea of ​​how expensive the whole thing until now was and what is yet to come for me.

I’m prepared for it, definitely! =)

Almost Complet

The time has come.  I could finally buy most of my equipment.  It was an exciting day for me at Globetrotter. The goal was to get at least a backpack and a tent. The yield was much more successful.

I had my hitherto still cheerful helpers Arne and Nani with me. Arriving at Globetrotter we directly went to the backpacks. I had of course previously looked some on the internet and favored various products. Among other things, a backpack. But the on-site consultation of course I dind’t wanted to be missed! The nice young man immediately advised me against the previously by me selected  backpack. Not stable enough, not good padding, on the whole, not much enduring. Oh great … Doesn’t matter, that’s what I was there for! So he showed me at first a big red backpack of ‚Deuter‘. My first thoughts were: „Uargh it is red. And oh my God, it is far too large to bear. How shall I!?“ The problem with the size and weight quickly turned out to be void. The backpack has a good padding so that you can, with proper keying hardly notice it. However, the second problem could not be solved. The backpack is and remains red!

After a few more packs, I unfortunately had to find that the red ‚Deuter‘ definitely sat at best. So I looked over the color and was pleased with my first, beautiful, albeit red, trekking backpack! It has a volume of 55 liters and weighs 1900 grams. In addition we also got the matching raincoat.

Mein erster, roter Trecking-Rucksack
My first, red Trecking-Backpack

After the backpacks we went directly to the shoes. A friendly consultant came right at us. She must have seen our quizzical look. I had no idea what I needed and so I didn’t even picked out anything on the internet. When I told that I wanted to travel around the world as a backpacking trip, was my counterpart directly hooked. She showed me a shoe after the other. I tried on every single one of them and to be honest, I rarely felt great differences. However, we were all clear that a woman’s shoe is not enough. My feet are just too big … 😦

However, my consultant did not give up and they showed me even the one shoe that seems to be made for my feet. It has become the ‚Hanwag Lhasa‘ of brown yak. He not only looks good but is also very comfortable and breathable. So perfect for long walks!

Der Schuh aus Yakleder
The shoe with Yak lether

Until then, the day already felt at times very successfully. It continued with the sleeping bags. A particularly lightweight equipment was extremely important to me during my preparation. So I decided after researching for the ‚Yeti Passion One‘.  With a weight of 350 grams, there just is no lighter one. But even in this department, I was diverted from my original plan. This sleeping bag is not warm enough with a temperature range of up to -1 degrees. I accepted that. But unfortunately I also liked no other sleeping bag, which was shown to me. So I decided to think again, and buy the sleeping bag later times.

I did this as well and see: It got actually the ultra-light ‚Yeti Passion One‘.

Ultra leicht!
Ultra light

I also still need a sleeping pad. Also pretty small and light, but still comfortable. There was really no two opinions.  There was only one mattress wich sufficed my needs. The ‚Therm-a-Rest ProLite Plus FL‘ is as the only one, warm enough, long enough, and what is most important, easy enough. It meets all the requirements.

Leicht und bequem
Light and comfortable

Until then it was a very long day. You could see my two brave consultants fatigue and exhaustion already.  They had to wear my clothes and bear my fussy whims. And all without a sip to drink. The water had consistently left lying in the car …

And yet I still could not redeem them. It ultimately was still missing the tent. Here, too, I had been looking for the smallest and lightest tent in advance. However, I of course made ​​me advice again. My preselection even came to the finals. It only had to compete against one other tent. The other tent was bigger, cheaper, and much heavier! I thought about my poor back, which would have to carry this weight. I would not have enough room for other, more important things. These ubiquitous thoughts prevailed over the key arguments of the seller. So I opted for less space in the tent for more Space in backpack. It was the ‚Vaude Power Lizard SUL‘ in beige. With it’s 1000 grams, it’s the lightest tent in the range of globetrotter.

only 1000 grams
only 1000 grams

When we finally went to checkout, everyone was happy. Me, because I finally had my equipment, the other two because the hauling finally came to an end. 😉


„Freedom is the distance between the hunter and the hunted“, they say, at least in a Chinese proverb.

When I heard that, I thought about what’s chasing me, and whether I feel free. I didn’t feel free. Absolutely not. Why not? I felt trapped in the daily constraints of school and work. My hunter was the society.

Nowadays a lot of pressure is exercised on all of us. You MUST always bring 100% power to assert yourself in society. It’s nearly impossible to resist this pressure permanently. Something always remains on track.

One part of this great burden I could now leave successfully behind me.  The training is done and therefore has also the double burden of the evening school an end. The distance has increased and I almost feel free! Of course I know that it is far from over. I’m only 22 years old and still have a lot of things to do, but I hope that I will find a great piece of serenity and tranquillity on my trip. It is shocking how many people of my age are about to worry about the future.

I wonder, is it all right? Aren’t we able to reach our destination sometimes with a few pauses and stops? Perhaps we have indeed chosen the wrong target and determine with a little rest that we need to go in a completely different direction. To a different place?

I want to get rid of my hunter on my trip, or at least lure him on the wrong track.

I don’t wanna have to worry so much. Not now, but especially not after the trip. It only clouds the mind and in most cases the concerns are unjustified. Although I’m currently making also quite a few thoughts regarding my journey and the time after that, but I have already become more relaxed.

We just make the best of things when they do not go as planned. The result is always something somewhere! You just have to keep your eyes open.

My mom always says that I can do everything I want! I now believe it!

Yummy, yummy!

Hello my friends,

Long enough, it was now quiet on this beautiful site.

The first article after the winter break is also aimed directly to you.

As you will probably know, I will try the most diverse dishes on my journey through the different countries.  A lot of it will be known, such as fast food from America, pizza and pasta from Italy and hopefully delicious sushi from Japan!

But hopefully some delicious dishes will come with it.

Of course I’m delighted to eat all the to us already familiar delicacies from Italy and Greece. However, I am particularly looking forward to all the to me totally unknown dishes.

Spontaneously I think of Africa and Asia. Here at home I hardly eat asian food and I can’t remember to have ever eaten african food…

In any case I will of course report about all the delicious and perhaps unsavoury things I find on the road.

Alone or in pairs…?

This is one of the most difficult questions at all during my previous planing.

All the time I was about 100% sure that I will be alone on the road. I didn’t want to compromise just because my partner wants to continue, but I don’t. Or spend more money for a taxi, because my travel partner wants to take the bus…

However by now I’m a little bit scared to go alone. That’s why I began thinking about taking a travel companion with me.

More important than anything else, of course, is that I feel good with the person who comes with me and that we get along. For my original route I’ve planned about a year. That put’s even the closest friendship to the test.

In addition, of course, the right basic conditions must be given. The partner must at the same time have the opportunity to travel and he must have the necessary cash available.

These are, of course, the basic requirements in order to make the whole even possible.

The question still remains: „Alone or in pairs …?“

I’ve made a list of pros and cons. There are many important points on both sides.

I will start with the points on the pro side.

To travel in pairs, generally gives you a much greater sense of security. Individuals are considered as a much easier target for robbery or the like. Primarily as a woman alone in some countries it is very dangerous. For example, Venezuela is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Popular are the so-called express kidnappings in which it often only comes down to a TV or a few hundred dollars. In pairs, so a small group, you are for a single offender no longer that attractive.

If you have a partner you don’t have to be that worried about your luggage. If you are for example looking for a hotel room or want to buy some fruit, you don’t have to carry the rucksack all the time. You can leave it with your partner and he (or she) watches it. So you can also relax on bus travel times and shut the eyes while still someone is sitting next to you who has an eye on your luggage.

It is difficult even with diseases or injuries. It is easier if one is not made entirely on their own to deal with diseases in a foreign country. In addition one of them is saving the first aid kit.

Which brings me  to my next point. You can easily share certain things, so that the luggage will be lighter. For example, the tent, provided you take one with you. 😉

If you choose to travel alone, you have no one with whom one can look back on the experiences. Not everyone is happy when he has to constantly listen to stories and anecdotes about the world tour, that is an experience in which he had not been attached. Then it’s nice to have someone with whom you can talk about it afterwards.

A major point of course is the loneliness. The two of you are less alone. Or as it is said so beautiful! 🙂  So there’s no need to fear the  loneliness and boredom.

That was my pro-side.

My first Contra-point: No more independence!

The most important thing in my world tour is my freedom and independence. If you travel in pairs, this is inevitably lost. You must always be open for compromises.  Then you can not even change your plans just because China is now perhaps not so interesting for you and you prefer to go to Australia a bit earlier. Of course you can always arrange something but there is no feeling of total freedom anymore…

Far too often, people argue about money. On such a long trip, it certainly will not be any different. You will come to some discussions around. Different people have different priorities. And the same goes for their expenses. For some it is very important to afford a taxi, the other would rather buy a souvenir. Just as an example …

I’ve also had the experience that you get to know new people alone much faster. It is to some extent forced to come into contact with others. You also act much more open when you are alone.

Last but not least, you have barely enough separation options, so that you can escape the bad atmosphere.  It can not continue to go well, ever to sit on each other. This is not even in along term partnership possible. It is no coincidence that many couples separate after a holiday.

And now the resolution: „Alone or in pairs ….?“ Honestly? I do not know. I’m totally undecided and I can not decide which of the two sides is better. I think all the points are right and important.

What do you think about it? Would you prefer to travel alone or in pairs?

I’m stumped!

Where should it go?

Whenever I tell people, I’m doing a world tour, I am asked where I wanna go.

Then every time I’m a bit irritated. When I think of a world tour, I imagine a globe or world map, on which I can wander. But now I’ve found that most people only think of a certain area on our planet. Then they ask me: „Where do you want to go? Asia or America?“

I’ve heard that some people take long trips to Asia or South America or any other part of the earth. But this is not my idea of ​​a world tour.

Once I looked up in the dictionary how the word ‚worldtrip‘ is defined accurate.

Here’s the answer: Around the World

Sounds logical right? I find too! My world tour is a trip around the world. Although the exact route is not certain, especially the Asian and African regions, but the rough plan is done so far.

Here you have a little preview. 🙂

A world trip? You are crazy!

No, I’m not!

Many people were skeptical, and most still are. But I am determined!

I’ll do it. In about 1 1 / 2 years, it’s time. Until then, there is still a lot of planning needed. How extensive the whole planing thing is, shows in some parts only when you’re doing it.
This blog will accompany me from now until the end, and perhaps even beyond. And if you like you can do so also. I will write down my planning progress and any failures here.

I’m already excited about how it goes! =)


Your Nena


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